We are working on earth-conscious materials and devices for future.

|Semiconductor Devices and Process

(1) Si/3C-SiC/Nano-crystal diamond(NCD) film devices
   For future power devices we are working on Si substrate base SiC and NCD power devices.
It is ideal to use inexpensive Si substrates rather than expensive SiC or Diamond substrates.
  We are trying to fabricate SiC buffer layer on a Si sustrate. Then depositing NCD with microwave plasma deposition.
(2) Novel paste materials for solar cell fabrication 
   We are working on novel paste materials for future solar cell for cost reduction.  There are many know-how that are not able to disclose here.

(3) Ion beam surface modification

   We are working on surface modification using a lage scale ion beam tool.  This can be used for surface cleaning or nano structure modification. 

Ultrasonic Hydrogen Sensor

For a hydrogen energy society such as using fuel cells, it is necessary to use a small and low cost hydrogen sensor. We study a hydrogen sensor using ultrasonics for practical use. We are also challenging in a new method of measuments as an application of the ultrasonic.

|Hydrogen gegeration and


We are trying to generate or storage hydrogen using waist materials.  Hydrogen is necessary for future hydrogen society and als human health.

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